Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June Post

The students at my college and high school are out for the summer, although I still have a few days more to work. But time does open up for me and I can decide whether I want to be sleep-deprived or not.

My art/life/teach/time/money conflicts are always bubbling like so much lava under the surface of my day-to-day existence. So many others are in my position; I’m not alone. I think of all the strivers out there, working or trying to work, carrying (lugging?) their dreams around with them: disappointed, sad, angry, resentful, resigned.

“Do your work.” That’s the only thing that makes sense. Leave what you have made on the planet and either it will work its magic or it won’t. But at least you will have made it and there will be the chance that it will have the impact you wish. It may wind up in a dumpster, but then again, it may not. Do your work.