Friday, April 17, 2009

Creativity Unlimited! and Doodlelines

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Haiku 4/11

Rainy No Lord’s Day
A bone-bitter Greenwood hunt
with Gideon’s friends.
Patrick shames us all
with “Ceci n’est pas un oeuf”
why bother to try?

Enervation: is
it mental, actual or
both? Too tired to think.

Who cares? Why bother?
Not you. You’re busy, occupied.
Not me, I’m too sad.

Spring. So they say, but
My woolens are still on top
of my closet shelf.

Wedding Day, ha ha.
I remember it well. It
couldn’t have ever worked.

Where you spend your time
is who you are. I’m
just tire rubber.

So much easier
to write than paint a picture
no storage problems.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boring Artist's Dilemma: Looking for Space

So I spend my time looking for new and better studio space. It's been a problem ever since I moved to NY. There is never enough room to store old work, make new work and organize yourself. It makes Canada look really good...
I'm trying to find a space to use on weekends and in the summer that has a train line. I want to be able to get to it by public transportation if possible. So I've been looking in Port Jervis on the Delaware River and also in Beacon, NY. How stupid will it be to go somewhere so new? Somewhere where I don't know anybody? Will my friends come to me? Not sure.
Anyway, I need a large space to archive everything and get it in one place. Then I can make sense of it, I hope.
I don't want to spend my days looking for things, forgetting what I've made or not making things at all! Space is key and it takes center stage in my brain these days.