Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Day

A gift from the cosmic forces... even though I was already up and out of the shower by the time the call came. What a pleasure to read, do the puzzle ("tilt at?"--what kind of answer is that???) and work.

The larder is somewhat bare, but I have coffee, cream and bread. I'll survive. Did some painting (of woodwork) and some drawing (of art) I'm making tiny lines to represent bark and shadows on my cut-down trees. I'm thinking about what bigger pieces I want to make, now that I almost can. Fire/Lava/Elemental Forces/Remainders of things once alive (Reminders of things once alive) are on my mind. It's hard to think about trees that exist for hundreds of years, while we humans come and go.

The city is slowing melting right now and I'm gearing up to go out to Long Island for my evening class. Tonight we introduce ourselves, learn the nuts and bolts of the class and make an exquisite corpse.