Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm Still Here

Okay, it’s been a while…but I have good excuses. Marriage falling apart, husband insisting on selling the apartment, lots of elbow grease in fixing and painting the place in between having two jobs, buying a house/studio/school/archive in Port Jervis and that’s only the main stuff! I started this blog with the intention of writing every day or at least every two days. I mean, if you don’t have 5 minutes in a day to write a few words, something is radically wrong.
I spend my life doing many things that are in the long run, good for the world, but not always what I wanted to be doing. But something is radically wrong and I will try to correct it.
A few random thoughts:
Michael Jackson
I never completely understood his appeal. He was precocious to be sure, but the disco vibe got boring and the uniform wearing never made any sense. That kid could never had gotten through basic training, never mind getting to the point of earning a uniform with epaulets. The there’s the plastic surgery which only signals one thing to me: self-hatred. He looked so much better without the dimple and with his own nose and skin.
All I can think of is how terribly sad this all is. Celebrity was his savior and his downfall.
Francis Bacon
Go see the show. You will understand where he got his imagery. I enjoyed seeing his single-mindedness but the subject matter is heavy going, at least for me. I was someone sickened and depressed after seeing the show and I couldn’t go through it again like I usually like to do. I’ll try to get back at least one more time.
I’ve never seen so much of it. It made June much easier for me (the students were calmer), but enough, already. The raspberries on the terrace were earlier and plumper than ever.
July 4th
I'm going to a 4th of July Party today and my spirits are so much better politically-speaking than they were a year ago. What would our country be like if Bush or McCain were in the White House now? We're in a scary time, but we have a very excellent captain.