Sunday, March 20, 2011

Space Needle Memories

How weird it is to be back in Seattle after forty years and stranger still, have dinner in the Space Needle after forty-nine years! My family drove out in 1962 and we splurged on a meal up in the needle. It is exactly as I remember it, except for the new elevators. It also moves a little faster than I recall but it is as magical as ever. What a concept: Silently moving while eating and enjoying the panorama of this beautiful city. And the food was really good. A lovely mixed greens salad, very rare and tasty tuna, and a nice Oregon second label wine. Three and one half revolutions later we had an explosive Vesuvian ice cream treat, supposedly the gift of our hotel concierge, Lucy.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So I saw my first robin yesterday and I'm making pretend spring is actually on the way. What a brutal winter. What brutal things are going on in education. What brutal things have happened in Japan. What brutal things are going on in the Mideast.