Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day

The crossword puzzle reminded me that this is Pi Day. In the past, my son would make a pie to take to school on Pi Day. I carry the sweet memories of those days in my heart, when I was too busy, trying to keep everything afloat and my kiddos were doing the best they could in the semi-confusion that was home.

Tomorrow is the Ides of March, Friday is the anniversary of my friend Donna's death and this has been a difficult week overall, with yet another friend cut down too soon.

As I ready my annual Ides of March missive, I find it is very dark and full of sadness, whining and worry. I have tried hard to perk it up and make it sound more like the Christmas letters my sisters send, but it's still dark and not cutesy-happy like theirs are.

I keep trying to tell myself that Donna would give anything to have one day of my sucky life. That is important to remember as I wallow in my own trivial concerns, regrets and sadnesses.

The photo is of my daughter and Donna and is the last photograph Donna let me take of her. She was sick in this photo, but got much worse in the end. I miss her on a daily basis.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tom With Garbage I Found For Him

Dear, Dear Tom...

Ceramics Extrordinare

This is in the Museum of Whatever It's Called: Design? Crafts? It used to be called the Crafts Museum. Anyway, this piece is made of luster glazed clay. Yes, clay.