Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Babies--(Drawing by Julia Schmitt Healy)

Read a tweet by a woman who has decided she doesn't ever want kids. Never ever. She was an only child, never around babies, see herself as spoiled, etc. Well, that is one person who shouldn't have kids--unwanted kids are everywhere. The question is, how do you get people who haven't thought about what having kids means start thinking? I have to say I'm somewhat weary of sob stories about unemployed 22-year old single women with three or four kids wondering what they are going to do?

In my mind, it always boils down to education. You can't change someone's family circumstances, but you can educate early and give kids the information they need to make smarter choices in their lives. And you have to target the parents, as well. The world is not what it was in the 1950's with Mom at home with milk and cookies. It is messy. Education can't clean up the mess entirely, but it can neaten things a bit.

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