Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day

So my son's name is Patrick. So I married a 100% Irish man who speaks Gaelic. So we visited the olde sod many times and traveled around the country. But the fact is they do not celebrate this holiday very much. Hardly at all.

Today in the East Village, there were droves of people in various headbands, hats, t-shirts, green pants, glitter and more. They were loud and happy and probably drunk. It has become an excuse to drink and cut classes.

When I was living in Chicago, Mayor Daley (the first one), had dye put in the Chicago River to make it green. True story. How unecological is that, I wonder?

I will say the Irish are charming and I could listen to most of them read the phone book and be happy. But today is not a big deal and we need to realize it is more of an American holiday,

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